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Sandra Ordonez

Director of Outreach & Community, OTF, RFA

Sandra is responsible for shepherding OTF’s outreach efforts, and helping grow, diversify and cultivate the Internet Freedom Community.

Previously, Sandra was Head of Communications and Outreach at OpenITP where she supported the community behind FLOSS anti-surveillance and anti-censorship tools. In this role, she helped kick off Techno-Activism 3rd Monday and the Circumvention Tech Festival. She is also the co-founder of the Internet Freedom Festival, and served as the first director of communications for the Wikimedia Foundation. Previous to entering FLOSS, she conducted over 400 expert interviews on the future of journalism, and has provided community management and digital strategy consultation to numerous organizations throughout the years. Sandra is a recipient of the Hispanic Leadership Award by the Fundacion Carolina, and is passionate about the improving diversity in technology.