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Conducting independent security audits of internet freedom technologies

OTF is committed to establishing high-level Internet freedom technology privacy and security standards. One component of this commitment is conducting independent technology audits on all of its projects.

OTF contracts with a range of professional information security auditors who assess the privacy and security limitations of each project and suggest remedial strategies or specific changes. These audits mitigate the risk inherent in funding cutting-edge technologies and strengthen the technical capacity of the project as well as the broader human rights and internet freedom technology community.

To maximize the impact of these audits and share information on how to replicate this process, OTF developed and published a methodology and framework for evaluating technical audit reports from the perspective of a funder. Moreover, OTF offers in-kind audits to crucial Internet freedom projects including those not funded by OTF. In total, OTF has supported 77 security audits for internet freedom projects, identifying and patching 1,870 privacy and security vulnerabilities total. As these vulnerabilities are addressed in updated versions of the audited technology, a swift and visible increase in privacy and security is achieved.

Are you an internet freedom and human rights technology tool developer in need of a security and privacy audit? If so, start by completing this form now.